China (Dalian) International Garment and Textile Fair 2019




    Stitches per Inch ? Simple and Effective!   

Quick calculation of warp and weft,Reduce the burden of vision


Vast Tech. dedicated in Imaging Technology since 1993. Also continuously developing AI Technology to solve obstacles for all industries. From the experience gathered, the need in textile industry was found and develop series of products for the customer. Replacing traditional equipment with digital scopes thru snapshot, recording, sharing, saving, ease to use and effectiveness.

1. Digital fabric scope : stitch per inch, quick count of needles / stitches.

2. Wi-Fi microscope : Detect defects, snapshot, analysis with magnification, instant sharing.

3. USB microscope : Enlarged resolution for comparison and analysis for goose and duck down, expose defects.

4. High Definition Microscope : Direct connects to screen, quick count for needles, stitches, warps and wefts.


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Exhibition info :China (Dalian) International Garment and Textile Fair 2019
Date :2019/9/7(Sat)~ 9/9(Mon)
Venue :Dalian World Expo Center
Booth Number :T05