【Stitches Per Inch】 Textile Digital Microscope



      Qzzy Textile Digital MicroscopeSPI on the Screen.

Different from Traditional, it makes Analysis Easier and Communication more Convenient.  


In 2019, the Cross-Strait Textile and Apparel Expo (abbreviated as “Haibo Fair”, STCF2019)

will be April 18-20 in China's casual fabric trade city -- Shishi grandly held.

This year's Haibo Fair continued to be based on the theme of “Fashion Shishi, Charm Haisi”,

and seized the opportunity of Shishi Garment City to approve the national-level market procurement trade mode

and the China Garment Accessories Conference, with the focus on face and accessories.

Strive to comprehensively display new technologies, new products and new opportunities


in the textile and garment industry across the Taiwan Straits.

In order to create the best communication display platform for the industry.